Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twilight Again?

I rec'd back all the Twilight books I had lent out in the past few weeks. And now I am trying to convince myself that I don't need to re-read them all again. But I really want to!

You don't understand - they've been gone for so long and now they are home where they belong! I'm trying to convince myself that reading the series again for the 7th (or is it 8th?) time would be more than obsessive and is leaning towards the insane. I'm trying. I don't know if I'll succeed.

It's gotten that I know Twilight so well that it takes me less than a few hours to read it completely. Sometimes, when I've had a bad day, I just need to spend some time with Edward. Ya know??

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First time out

Okay, it's been said a couple of times that I needed to start a blog. What am I going to blog about?? Well, life I guess. What keeps me busy and what keeps me entertained. :0) I'm sorry to say that it probably won't be all that interesting most of the time, but hopefully you'll find something here occassionally that will keep you coming back.

Today was my last MOPS meeting. I can't believe my baby is almost done with Kindergarten and therefore I had to graduate from MOPS. Mother's of PreSchoolers. If you are pregnant or have young ones - check them out!! The best thing I've done for myself these last 4 years. I went from just going to the meetings to being a discussion group leader, co-coordinator and finally I finished up as the group coordinator. I've grown so much and met so many wonderful friends! It was a bitter-sweet day. I'd love to continue but am not willing to have another baby to do so!!

So, sit back and enjoy the ride. I have no idea what to expect so we'll just figure it out together!