Saturday, July 7, 2012

She's Cussing up a storm!

Ha - that got your attention didn't it!

I'm not trying to push the blogging envelope here, and I'm not going to be typing anything vulgar so you can uncover your eyes. This is simply and observational post, something I've been thinking about for awhile and thought I'd share.

I consider cussing and cursing to be two different things. Although some sources I found say that cussing is just a euphemism for cursing, I don't agree. For myself, cussing is an expression or a profanity and cursing is just that "to curse" asking for something evil or bad to befall that of another. Cussing is used to make a point stronger, make a feeling known or to express excessive amounts of frustration. Cursing usually involves invoking the name of our Lord, is mean/insulting and usually vulgar.

I grew up in a household where there was mild cussing. I knew not to do it, I wasn't an adult and didn't have that privilege yet. I say mild cussing because although it was frequent, it wasn't very vulgar. I rarely heard the f-word or anything outrageous. My parents cussing was often quite amusing. (I love listening to older generations cuss!) My Dad was really good at it. I grew up thinking that a rat-fink was the worst thing you could call someone or something that wasn't doing what you wanted. And if my dad didn't believe something, it was a load of Bullshaviki. I didn't realize until recently what he was actually saying was related to the Bolshevik party in Russia, what was the beginning of their communist party. Of course, growing up I heard all the other more standard four-letter words and the third commandment broken often in plenty of places.

I think most people cuss at some point. It has actually been shown that it creates bonds among people and it really does ease pain when you get hurt, as long as it isn't overused. Of course, most of us with kids try to be creative so that our darlings aren't repeating what they hear at inopportune moments (out in public). I read something about how replacing a similar word for a cuss word (also called a minced oath) is "just the same" as saying the original word. I don't tend to agree with that, especially when it comes to kids. If they are watching a movie and hear "oh, Snap" (Chicken Little, Disney 2005) and repeat it to their friends. I don't think they actually know what they are saying is "Oh, Shit" like the rest of us who grew up before "Oh, Snap" was created. I think the same holds true for "Shut the front door". I have no problem with my child repeating it although others might, as it sounds very close to "shut the f-up" and is used in the same way.

As a pre-teen I learned to cuss in other languages, or make up words, or use words that were already out there. There were tons of TV shows growing up that taught us how to cuss without really cussing. Mork from Mork and Mindy said "Shazbot", Flo telling Mel to "Kiss my grits" (yea, we all knew what "grits" meant), the cute kid from Different Strokes "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?", Wilma was always ready with a Jeenkies or Shaggy with a Zoiks! (Scooby-doo), and Battlestar Galactica is probably the worst offender of all with using the word frek in every freking sentence.

So what creative ways do you have to cuss that won't land a dollar in the swear jar? Here are a few of my favorites gathered from all over the place. Feel free to add them to your repertoire as needed. 

Gee Wilikers
Jumpin' Johosephat
Shazam (I don't think anyone says this anymore)
Wholie Crow (and any variation of the Batman/Robin explicitives)
Goodness Gravy (a favorite of mine)
Son of a Mother (one of my hubby's favorites)
Jimminy Cricket (one of those minced oaths that some people don't take a cotton to)
What in the Dickens
What the freak (one my son would say constantly if I allowed it)
Shut the front door
Oh, Snap
Dagnabit (another of my personal favorites)
Bullsheviki (thanks Dad, for the BS alternative)
Pissant (another of my Dad's highly offensive insults)

Well, I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post or the *gasp* list of cusses. Remember, occasionally it might be necessary to cuss - but it is never alright to curse. And save the Lord's name for praises!!


  1. Smeg - from Red Dwarf (BBC comedy from the early 90s). It meant, on the show, the same as the F word, and imagine how tickled we were when we found out it was an actual word, with an actual icky meaning, teehee...

    1. Oh Thanks! I hadn't heard that one as I never saw that show. Very funny!!

  2. I completely agree with you about using the Lord's name in vain! I may cuss more than I should, but I never, ever use God's name like that. I like your list of words! That one of your dad's is hilarious!

  3. Thanks! So glad you stopped by - I think next I may have to blog about all the words my mom will use to describe thing she can't remember the name of. That list of thingy-do-bobbers will be twice as long! :0)

  4. Nickalli - I just love dropping in to your blog now and again - you so crack me up! :-)
    Can't wait to read you mom's hoozawhatsits list! :-)
    Would love to see you some time - e-mail me if you can ever do lunch - Grant & Craycroft area......
    :-) Wendy Taylor

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Wendy! I would love to get together for lunch once school starts back up! It will be great to catch up with you :0)