Thursday, July 5, 2012


I spent most of the 4th of July in my craft-room! I got quite a bit done considering how much we did on our one day off (new spider-man movie, dinner at Outback, 45 minute drive to go see some fireworks, etc.)

The past few lessons have been on painting with watercolors and just doodling shapes. It is so fun and relaxing to just play with color and not have something to "color in".
practicing shapes
trying to put things together
trying something....??
Then, yesterday I played around with adding black pen doodles to the watercolor doodles... Now this, I like! This is the before:

And this is after:

I want to go and play a bit more... but my guys need food! Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day!


  1. Ah...! Such fun and what wonderful results from fun!
    I thank you, Nickalli, for giving me some relaxation through your art. The boldness of the colors and the botanical shapes are engaging. Keep up the good "work" (!?). :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad to provide this service :0) Later today I am hoping to find some time to do some crayon resist techniques, so stay tuned. Major relaxation on the horizon!