Saturday, September 3, 2011

Keeping Busy

It's Saturday. I would have liked to sleep in, but that isn't going to be my Saturday mornings for awhile. I signed up to take a few free classes on base to become a little more knowledgeable about using Microsoft office. The classes are from 8am to 5pm pretty much killing my entire Saturday but it's free so I can't really complain. The teacher has a great accent (Spanish) and is fun to listen to and he has a sense of humor which is nice. (Brian would be lost as he probably would not be able to understand a word this guy is saying :0) The classes are for Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. The first half of the class is beginning and then the afternoon is intermediate.

Well, I'm typing this during my beginning Word class, so you can probably guess as to how interesting I'm finding this. I am self taught so thought I could pick up some cool tips, however I didn't know how much would be covered in the beginning portion - so wasn't comfortable with skipping it.

Yea - I should have skipped it.

The next one is Excel and I will probably be a little slower in that class as I don't use it much. The last class I am taking is Publisher, I'm really excited for that one as I am still going to do the newsletter for AJ's school's PTA. I'm skipping the PowerPoint class entirely in favor of camping with my cute little cub scout. :0)

Oh well, it's funny to listen to the people around me learning how to do things and making discoveries. Hopefully this afternoon will be a little more interesting for me and I'll hear a few nuggets of wisdom. One nice thing is I got a HUGE instruction book that is MINE! Seriously, it's like 300 pages and is put out by Pima Community College and is pretty self explanatory so I could use it much easier than using Microsoft's awful help feature.

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