Friday, July 1, 2011

Me and my Mayo

I've slowly been coming to the realization that I have an unhealthy relationship with my Mayo. First, it's not just any mayo - it's gotta be Best Food's (or Hellman's when we are East of ol' Miss) Real Mayonnaise. I've tried other brands, I've tried light and the one made with olive oil - nope, gotta have the real stuff!! And if you mention Miracle Whip, you are dead to me. (except for my best friend, she's weird and allowed). It's not a substitute for mayo, it's nothing like mayo and it's disgusting!!

I began to realize my mayo habit was different from others when I got married. The first time I made dinner for my hubby and served it with a slice of bread smothered with mayo and saw the look on his face, I realized this might not be considered normal to everyone. He was expecting something like bread with butter on it! I don't make these for him anymore and rarely for myself, although there are certain dishes (mostly tomato based) where I just need to have my bread and mayo!

I learned very young that I like ranch dressing on my french fries... although mayo works just great as well. I got lots of strange looks until I went overseas and discovered that I am not the only one!! Lots of people eat their french fries with mayo! And on hot dogs as well - so there!!! Not as weird as I was once told.

I make breakfast burritos and put mayo on the tortilla (eggs and mayo go soooo good together!), I use mayo on the outside of my grilled cheese sandwiches (cooks up to a crispy yummy goodness), and my fruit salads are made with a mayo dressing (yes, mayo and bananas work well together).

In our house we don't use cheese to make veggies more palatable - I make a mayo/mustard/garlic salt dip for them just like my mom did. It is especially good for artichokes, asparagus, cauliflower, mixed frozen veggies, squash... okay, just about everything! Fish is especially yummy when baked under mayo, and coating sticks to chicken much better with mayo instead of an egg wash.

Every time I see pictures of jell-o, it's always topped with cool whip. Blech. Doesn't anyone else eat their jell-o desserts with mayonnaise??

My latest find is peanut butter and mayo sandwiches or crackers. Don't judge!! Give it a try. I also just found out that in Japan they like their margarita glasses rimmed with mayo instead of salt. Anyone up to trying a mayogaria with me?

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