Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Crafts - Part 1

I was going to wait and post the things I have been working on in these weeks leading up to Christmas all in one post. Then I started looking at all the things I have plans for and decided it would be way too overwhelming. So, this is part 1 of my Christmas Crafts blog post. (The presents have been given to their recipients already, so I'm not ruining any surprises).

Today was AJ's last day of school this year and he is now on Winter Break. His teacher had an all day party for them including pizza and cookies, etc. She and I spoke months ago about me coming in and doing a craft project with the kids and like the insane person I am, I decided to do two!!

The projects were both Christmas ornaments and the kids did incredibly well! I will be a much better teacher the next time around, because my verbal directions did not always transfer into them making a similar result. (It was a learning process for all of us!) This first ornament is a "stained glass" ball that is made from a glass ornament, white glue and tissue paper squares.

They may not have been big, but they made a big impact! 

The next one is a wreath made from puzzle pieces. After gluing all the layers the kids then painted it green and added glitter and a ribbon. I tried making a tree as well, it turned out cute, but was definitely way too advanced to try and teach!

I have always given two gifts for Christmas, one for the teacher and one for the class.  For the class gift,  I buy a gross of colorful fun pencils from OTC - I figure at this point in the year some new pencils are definitely needed. AJ's teacher is not big on sugar so coming up with her gift was more challenging. I kept seeing these signs on pinterest but with the subject being Grandpa and knew I had to make a personalized one for Ms. Martinez.

It is made on a wooden plaque and then just painted with acrylic craft paints and rubber stamped flower designs. I love how it turned out and she seemed to get a kick out of it. I had AJ do some re-con at the beginning of the year and found out her favorite color is green (that's also how I found out she doesn't do sugar).

This next one is a gift I made for a gift exchange with our bible fellowship group. Our name is "OinC" and it stands for One in Christ. We all love to eat and so it seems to work for us so we made a pig our mascot. The frame was purchased at Kohls, then I made the beaded dangles which can be detached and used elsewhere. One has a pig charm and one with a cross. The Christmas tree can live there until the person finds another picture they want to display.

Last are two clay crosses. I posted a tutorial HERE and these were done in the same fashion. The first one is for an ornament gift exchange and the second was just a little something for my bible study teacher.

That's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my projects. I have two more that I'm currently in the middle of - but those will have to wait until after Christmas!

Looking forward to sleeping in and a couple of weeks of a more relaxed schedule  - and no homework! (Thanks Ms. M!)

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  1. you are awesome! can't wait to make the crosses monday!