Friday, December 30, 2011

Honestly, not LOL

Okay, it's almost the New Year and I have decided to try and be more honest and transparent this year. What that means to you is that I will no longer be typing LOL if I'm not really Laughing Out Loud,

Instead, I am submitting a few new acronyms that I will be using from now on. Please learn them so that I do not have to continually explain myself and therefor, defeat the entire purpose of using an acronym.

CTMS - This is Chuckling To Myself, which I guess I could even shorten to CTM since Myself is one word and not two.

GIMH - Grinning In My Head. I mean really, how often do you actually LOL? Most times I am grinning in my head and if I find it really funny, I may even have a smirk on my face.....

SOMF - Smirk On My Face.

JSCOMC! - Just Spewed Coffee On My Computer! Now, that was funny!

Happy New Year!

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