Monday, August 6, 2012

Mama's got a brand new bag!

I'm so excited! About a purse! Okay, crazy I know, but I've been dealing with the same broken down purse for months. I've actually had it for years, but in the last few months it has decided it was time to retire and has been sending me notices ever since. First the zipper pull broke off. I thought I fixed it pretty well, but at some point it ran off and hasn't been seen since. Then the interior lining started to rip. Not so much that you'd notice right away, just a small tear so that you can tell you have a few loose coins or a pen at the bottom of your bag and no earthly clue on how to get to them. Then the pockets on the outside started to get little holes next to them like a pair of old jeans will. My purse was disintegrating before my eyes! 

I had decided it was time. Men must have issues with finding wallets that work well for them and do what they need, but really - how many different ways can a wallet be designed. A purse on the other hand, it should be one of those items that is completely made to someone's exact specifications ... someone please get on that!! I have lots of great ideas and no practical application knowledge to pull it off. I came up with a basic list of needs:

  • No black or brown. I always buy black or brown. 
  • Larger than my last purse. I had trouble getting my big fat wallet in and out of it and there was no room for my Kindle. 
  • Must zip close everywhere. I do not like compartments that are just open or snap shut. Zippers.

So, where to find a new purse. I am not a brands person. Couldn't really care less. I know some people do and that's perfectly fine, whatever floats your boat. I just wasn't brought up that way and never acquired the desire to own an item just because of who makes it. I do have one area where I am a brand snob, click here. Otherwise, as long as it works, is functional, looks half way decent - don't care how much it costs or who makes it. 

Most of my purses have come from the thrift store. I did purchase a new purse when I potty trained AJ. Going from a gargantuan diaper bag to a just a normal size purse was a milestone for me and I splurged a bit. I think I found one on sale for $20 at the BX and was thrilled. I still have it, but it is a bit small - which, that was the point then. 

I hadn't figured out where I was going to start looking but then I got an email from Kohl's the other day. Seems our nearby store has remodeled and they sent me a $10 off coupon. Alright, now I know where I am shopping at! I also had part of a gift card left to use... even better. Oh, and then a 20% off coupon .... I am going to do it! I am going to buy a *NEW* purse!!

Even with my above list of requirements, it took forever. Who knew there were so many styles, colors, designs..... ugh! I narrowed it down to five, then down to three, then down to just two. After walking around the store with this on my shoulder for a half hour, and torturing my family with "what do you think about this?" questions (I really really needed to have a girl friend along instead of a hubby. Girls understand the whole purse thing!) I finally decided to buy a grown up purse. ... whadaya think?

It's kind of a deep viridian color, I love it. Three center areas, big enough for my kindle and my journal.

 It has zippers everywhere!

I had no idea J LO had her own brand, but it's cute. Here is the price tag, $119, I got it at Kohl's though - any guesses on the final price?? Comment below and I'll come back and tell you later. I'm off to the commissary to break it in. :0)


  1. I'm going to guess $29. Probably half off plus 20% minus about $10 on a gift card and the $10 coupon. :-)

  2. Cute! It takes me forever to find a purse too! No small task! You scored a good one, enjoy

  3. Thanks for the replies guys!! It ended up costing me $32 for the purse, which is the most expensive one I've ever bought! I also got a $10 coupon to use another day though. :0)