Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Summer! - Part two

I posted our summer schedule here, but now am expanding on a few things we have planned.

Part of AJ's schedule is a Daily Project. This could say "mom's daily project" because it's him helping me with whatever I want to get done that day. I have plans to go through closets, cabinets, rooms and declutter. Our laundry room needs a major clean out as does our small shed. Going through AJ's clothes and bookcases for stuff to donate. Lots of jobs that he can help with!

Another activity listed is Be Creative. Here are a few ideas of what we'll be doing:
Make abandon art (see below)
Plan and create a RAK (see below)
Make art for the hallway
Write a letter to mail
Create postcards to send
Plan a sleepover party
Science projects
Learn a new recipe
Get a learn to draw book and practice
Take pictures - scavenger hunt
Paint a project
Learn a new game

For our Be Active catagory we planned things for both at home and out and about. We are going to try and incorporate a RAK ( Random act of Kindness) each time we head out.

RAK ideas:
Hide $1 bills around the toys at the $ store
Tape ¢ to gumball machines
Gift for our mail lady
Gift for abus driver
Hand out homemade blessing bags
Hand out lottery tickets
Take a treat to our dentist office
Hand out flowers
Hide toy treasures at a playground
Tape popcorn to a redbox machine
Take crayons and coloring books to ER waiting rooms

Be Active ideas:
Wii fitness
Bike, scooter, skateboard
Night hikes
Library - Bookmans
Walk the mall
Picnic at a park
Water fight
Zoo, museums
Kidnap a friend
Chalk neighbors driveway
Abandon Art

Abandon Art comes from a group I belong to. You make original pieces of art (book markers, jewelry, clay figures, just about anything!), then when you are out you leave them for others to find. They are tagged with a card letting them know it is free and to take it or leave for someone else to find. The tag has a website where others can log in that it was found!  We plan on doing this when we go out as well, hiding book markers in library books, leaving items in bus stops, etc.

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas of fun things to do this summer. I'll be reporting back on how we are doing periodically! If this has inspired you to have a fun idea, please share in the comments. Thanks!


  1. love this! can you share the website?

  2. It's a facebook group - they even have the printable tags in their files. It's