Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Summer!!

Today was our last day of 5th grade, so AJ's summer schedule begins tomorrow. We mostly based this on last years schedule since it seemed to work, but added a few things. AJ does so much better when on a schedule, I get asked a lot fewer questions and he knows what to expect.

We don't have a set wake up time unless we have somewhere to be. The morning part of the schedule is accomplished before lunch, his "break time" depends on how long he sleeps in and how long his morning activities take.

Make bed
Breakfast & 1\2 hour show
Personal tasks (dressed, teeth, etc.)
Dishes - unload dishwasher
Journal & writting practice - 20 min
Reading 30 min
Math skills 10 min
Fix lunch
Walk Cookie
Check recycling & trash
Daily Project
Quick pick up
** 1 hr Break**
Weekly chore
Be Creative
Be Active
Dinner prep
**Break until time to start dinner**
Feed Pets
Dishes - load dishwasher
Personal tasks (pajamas, teeth, etc.)
Read 30 min

His weekly chores this year are: Doing his laundry, cleaning his bathroom, picking up dog messes, dust and sweep, cleaning the microwave, etc.

The next post will be our ideas for the Daily project, Be Creative and Be Active! Stay tuned!

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