Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are you ready for the Switch Witch?

Who doesn't like trick-o-treating? Who doesn't like having all that candy around?? While we love to trick-o-treat in our neighborhood and look at the spooky decorations, I do not appreciate the amount of candy my son can procure in an hour!!

A few years ago my friend, Breana, let me in on a little secret. This wonderful hag known as The Switch Witch.

Have you heard of her? She has become one of our favorite people at Halloween. It seems that she LOVES candy, so very much and since she doesn't want to spend ALL of her time trick-o-treating, she is willing to bribe little kids to do it for her. Here's the best part, she loves candy so much she is willing to trade it - for TOYS!!

Amazing, isn't she?! So, after a hard night's work of scrounging for candy, AJ sorts through his haul and divides it up between what he wants to keep and what he is willing to give to The Switch Witch. (Some families have the kids give ALL of their candy to her, but that would just not fly in this house!!) It is a fact though, that the more candy you give to her, the better the toy is that she leaves behind.

On November 1st AJ wakes up to the bag of candy missing, a surprise toy that's been left behind, The Good News club at our church receives an anonymous donation, and the dentist isn't nearly as well paid as he has been in the past. Happy Halloween!!
Me as Captain Jack last year

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