Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mummy Army

I saw these cute little guys posted somewhere and had to make them for AJ's class tomorrow. They are so easy and quick to do, much easier than the cupcakes I had originally planned.

The base is white fudge covered oreos. Perfect since they are already white, saves some major time and mess. Then I melted some white candy coating and filled my decorator bag with a small round tip on it. Place a couple of dots where you want the eyes to go. The eyes are Hershey's Special Dark pieces, you can use most any candies for these, I liked Hershey's because there are no annoying M's to avoid. They are blank on both sides. Then, just go to town making the mummy wrappings with the candy coating. So cute!!!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. so cute, but then you always have cute ideas.