Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinterest Procrastination

Sorry, I've been away for awhile. Not really, I've been here in cyberspace - I've just been on Pinterest! Surely you know about Pinterest!! It is a HUGE procrastination enabler, you look through pictures and "pin" those that you like onto your own labeled bulletin boards. I knew as soon as I found it that it was going to be a problem....

So, after talking to another enabler friend, I decided that I needed to not just "pin" things but actually do something with the awesome ideas I was finding. And I have been!! So here is a sample of what I've been up to lately thanks to Pinterest and my friends. Oh, and if you need another way to waste some time besides facebook and blogs - click on the red Pinterest button on the right and it will get you started. Just don't say I didn't warn you!

Here are some cute monsters, and these are my first two:

Here is a Halloween picture frame, and this is my take on it:

Loved this cool bookmark, and here is one I made for a friend:

These Mario Bros. earrings were awesome, these are the ones my friend and I made:

This is a different set of Mario Bros. earrings, and these are ours:

Finally, this pin showed how to dye buttons, here is the basic process I did:
White buttons going into a dye bath of 2 T. powder Rit Dye and 1 cup hot water. Let sit for 5 minutes or so.

Rinse buttons in water, wash with soap and then lay out to air dry.

Now you'll have to come back to see what I finally end up doing with them!

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  1. i love our earrings! i can't wait to give them to the girls for Christmas they are going to flip!!! I think we should make more! I'm going to try and make some rainbow ones next week if you wanna come over :D
    AND I LOVE the googly eye frame!