Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 4 - Handcarved stamps DONE!

Yea! I'm done with my February challenge. I carved a shamrock today to use for my March postcards. So, here we go with the last week of the project....

February 22nd I tried to carve a little penguin - that was a major fail! I then attempted an infinity symbol - obviously I shouldn't be wielding any kind of sharp object today. Feb 23rd all I could think to do was a pie.  Feb 24th and I can't get a song about blackbirds baked in a pie out of my head... and the 25th he got a friend (I googled a blackbird pie recipe and found a turtle pie recipe that sounded sooo yummy!). I think the turtle is one of my favorites! The 26th I was trying to use up some large scraps and out came a bone and a funky looking leaf shape. I need a bee, how can I not have a bee yet?? The 27th is a cute little bee. The 28th I did a few patterns which can be stamped over and over to make designs - see below. And then finally, day 29 and my final stamp for this project is a funky shamrock. :0)
 The pattern stamps I made used multiple times :0) I like how they turned out and may try some larger ones in the future. I obviously need to be a little better about placement, but I like the look overall.

And at last, a recap of the February Hand Carved Stamp Project ....

Thanks for playing along!


  1. Very cool. Are they carved into linoleum? What all did you use? April did some of this down at the Drawing Studio. I have always thought it would be fun to play with this kind of thing. Mostly, I have stuck to purchased rubber.
    Love the blog. It's my first visit.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! These are actually carved with the Speedball brand blocks (Amazon has them here )I like it better than the pink blocks, it seems to not be so crumbly, however - I didn't feel I was able to get really fine detail or curves. I'd probably try linoleum for that next time. :0)