Monday, February 6, 2012

Confession time...

I usually unload my dishwasher in the morning, most of the time my mind wanders, planning my day or designing a project. This morning, as I am putting away things, I started to really take notice of what I was putting away and that led me to think of some dear friends of mine.

Don't you love it when a friendship moves beyond that occasional visit to each other's house and becomes one where your kitchen cupboards and drawers are completely open to each other? I love knowing that my friends know which drawer is the silverware drawer and if they need a dish don't hesitate to go looking for one. That's when you know you are have a true friendship and not just an acquaintanceship.

I have taken notice that some of my friends are able to get by with much less than I am. I sometimes (often) envy them this, and usually wonder about how differently we must do some things and what makes us each unique. The kitchen is one area (among many!!) I struggle with "an abundance of stuff".

This morning I was taking notice as I put things away:

  • I have 13 wooden spoons. Is this odd? Do I really need 13 wooden spoons?  
  • Then the spatula/scrapers (as opposed to a spatula/flipper) of which I have 11. Two are my favorite pampered chef ones, the others are of various sizes and colors. 
  • How about cutting boards, I have 9. All of various sizes and materials. Each one isn't used for it's own thing (I don't keep one especially for veggies and one for chicken... I trust my dishwasher enough I don't worry about it) but each one has something special for which I prefer it for a specific reason. 

How about measuring stuff? (YOU are playing along with me now, aren't YOU??)

  • I have 9 liquid measuring cups. Two 8-cup ones, a 4-cup, three 2-cup, and three 1-cup size. 
  • For dry measurements, I have 5 sets of cups and 4 sets of spoons. All are different and again, I like each one for different reasons. One set of cups has hard metal handles that feel sturdy, but my plastic set has all the sizes including 2/3cup. Measuring spoons, one set fits into narrow openings, another set has a 1/2 tablespoon. My bread recipe calls for 1/2 T. of yeast, how could I not have that set?!? 

I could go on. and on. and on. I think you are probably getting an accurate picture. I have A Lot of stuff in my kitchen, but it all fits and I know where it all is. I don't like washing while I go, which my husband lovingly suggests *Every*Single*Time* I fill the sink with dirty dishes. Don't stifle my creativity!! or you'll be eating nothing but hamburger helper! 

So, come on over for dinner and I'll show you where I keep the silverware. I promise not to make you clean up after I cook, but you do need to chose which set of dishes you'd like to use. Oh Hush, everyone I know has at least 5 sets.... don't they???


  1. Love it Nickalli - you crack me up - recently found your blog - Facebook is where I saw it - thought I'd say Hello :-)
    Wendy Taylor

  2. Thanks for stopping by Wendy! I miss seeing you around, hope all is well with you and your family. Will be seeing ya on facebook! :0)

  3. you are the best!!! love this blog post!