Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Postage Stamp Book

Here is another quick project I did - just for ME! Can you believe it? This isn't really a tutorial since I bet you can figure it out just from the pictures- but if you want me to post one or have questions, please let me know!!

I send out a lot of mail - well, not a TON, but probably more than an average person. So far this month I've sent out 24 greeting cards and 12 postcards (but I'm not done yet) and that's just my fun mail. So, you can imagine I have a need for a lot of postage. I order it online at usps.com to avoid the line at the post office, but also because they have a much better selection. Every order I've placed has only had a $1 s&h charge added. Avoid the post office and a better selection all for only $1?? - SOLD!

I didn't really have a place to put it all, and I had little stashes all over of different stamps and was forever buying more because I may have forgotten where one of my stashes ended up. So I made myself a cute little postage holder.

The covers are 6 inches wide and about 7 1/2 inches long. I covered chipboard with paper and afterwards punched the holes for the two rings.

Inside the cover I added a pocket and the inner pages are made using a double sided 12x12 paper folded (HERE is a great tutorial on making the pages!). These are my forever first class postage stamps.

I used the cardboard and plastic sheets that the stamps are mailed in to make inside pages that can be pulled out from the top. I cut them down to the size I needed, the tab is stuck to the plastic in the back, but only to the cardboard in the front. That way, the entire thing will lift out (plastic included) but it is still open in the front for storage.

More forever stamps on the left and on the right are my current US Postcard stamps (32 cents currently). The tab here lifts out and holds my old postcard stamps (which are waiting for 3-cent stamps to arrive to be used again).

On the back are my Canadian postcard postage stamps (currently 85 cents) and the facing page are my Events stamps. Did you know you can buy forever stamps that are specifically for birthdays and weddings? How cool is that??

The Events page is the inside of the back cover to my book. I left myself a little room to grow, but at the rate I use my stamps - I probably won't need it! Let me know what you think, and cheer up someone's day and send some happy mail soon!!

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