Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy 65th Birthday to my wonderful Mom!! Love you so much, thank for always encouraging me and passing on that crafting bug!!

And now for some crafty goodness!  This cute little booklet was a gift for an online pal for Valentine's day. I've made a couple and they always turn out so very very cute!! 
It all starts with a card kit from Close To My Heart. I used to be a consultant but am not any longer, this kit is a couple of years old, but they come out with great ones all the time so I'm sure you'd have no problem finding something that would work.
card kit elements
The kits all come with the pre-printed cards to fold in half, a sheet of cardstock weight stickers for decorations and vellum envelopes. I added three rings, ribbon, some extra cardstock, the stamping and bling!

It's pretty self explanatory how these pages all come together so I'm just gonna let you scroll down through the pictures. One thing to note is that the cards are only taped along the bottom and the right side, leaving the top open to slip in an extra pull-out tag. The vellum envelopes have the flap tucked into the card so that the right side remains open for a second pull-out tag.

cover tag (left) 1st vellum envie tag (right)

2nd card page

2nd tag insert (left) envie tag (right)

3rd card page

3rd tag insert (left) vellum envie tag (right)

4th card page

last envie pull out
Doesn't it make a sweet little mini-album? Thanks for stopping by, I hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful and filled with the "good chocolate"!! :0)

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