Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 3 of Handcarved Stamps

Hi Y'all. I realize that this is a bit late, I have been playing .... just not posting. So here are my little stamps now up to February 21st. In a few days I'll be done with my February challenge and will post the last 8 stamps.

I wasn't really feeling it on the 15th, so I just used a couple of my small scraps and made an arrow and a keyhole. I don't like the keyhole and will be making another bigger one later, I guess it could also be a chess pawn. Then AJ requested a skull, I know I'm not good enough to figure out an intricate design so went searching... I found two I liked and did one on the 16th and another one on the 17th. Then the bony fish, I though he was quite cool - got me thinking about fish tacos... which led me to a lime wedge on the 19th. :0) I did two on the 20th, a set of wings to add to other things or to draw a butterfly body in the middle. And lastly, I went back to the mushrooms and the houses and combined them into a mushroom house. See you again soon!!

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