Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Summer Catch-Phrase

I have found my catch-phrase for the summer. 

I read a cool blog the other day talking about having a theme for your summer to focus your family so that you get more out of summer instead of ending it and not really having much to show for it. (Please don't ask me, I've tried to find it and have no idea what I was reading. If you know, please leave a comment with the link!) 

I could imagine doing something like, "Our Adventurous Summer", "The Summer of Color", "Flying through Summer" or "A Summer in Bloom" and basing our activities around our theme. We could check out library books, plan day trips, and do crafts all in relation to our theme. Sounds like fun!... Sounds like a lot of work... Sounds like a plan for next year....

This year, instead of a fun theme, I found the catch-phrase that is going to carry me through summer! I'm calling it a catch-phrase because I haven't just said it once. I haven't even just said it once a day. I have caught myself saying it, as if it were a mantra, over and over.

After saying it this morning for the 20th time (it was kind of an A-Ha moment) I decided this would be the catch-phrase of our summer:

Figure It Out

Strange you may think, but it really works on so many levels. If you had a 9 year old son, you'd totally understand. If you had an only child, you would totally understand. Okay -  If you have a kid (or a spouse).... you will totally understand. 

"Mom, I can't get the computer to work."
"Mom, there isn't anything on TV"
"Mom, what day is it today?"
"Mom, why can't I have candy at 8:30am?"
"Mom, I can't find a clean pair of socks."
"Mom, I need a clean spoon."
"Mom, I'm hungry."
"Mom, I'm bored."

"Figure it out."

Now, sometimes it's said sympathetically: "Aw, that's too bad. Guess you'll just have to figure it out." However as we get further into the summer the sympathy has begun to wane and my catch-phrase is all that is left.... I have tried really hard to refrain from screaming it though (I mean, other than in my head). 

So, have you figured out what your summer theme or phrase is yet? Feel free to use mine, it really does work on so many levels! :0)


  1. oh, too funny! I am past the days of raising my own kids now, but babysitting the grandkids is just as challenging...I often ask "do you want to paint with Gram?" just to get them away from the tv! yep, Figure It Out is a great catch-phrase...

  2. you are too great! this is my "mantra" with Neely. I am always telling that kid "be a problem solver!" So yes I will be stealing your catch phrase for the summer! :D