Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A boy's Hope Chest

I had a hope chest growing up. This one in fact. It's a concept that sounds outdated, but in reality is extremely practical. It was a gift for my 13th birthday along with a list of what it was soon to be filled with. Now, I didn't sit around at night embroidering linens by the light of an oil lamp and dreaming of my future husband, but I did spend many hours filling my hope chest preparing for the day I would move out of my parents home. I kept the list with me and every time my mom and I went to a yard sale, thrift store, or just found a great sale, we would try to check off something on the list. By the time I was ready to move out of my parents house and into an apartment - my hope chest had turned into a hope shed!

I'm already thinking about starting AJ's hope chest. A hope chest for a boy? Why not! It seems like people are getting married later and later these days, most likely he will be moving out and into a dorm or apartment and will need to have practical things to set these up. Even if he does get married right away, what are the chances that the girl would have a hope chest, it being such an antiquated idea these days. If they both have one, their lives begin together that much easier. Choices!

So what goes into a hope chest? Especially one for a boy. Certainly not the embroidered linens and rag rugs from long ago. :0) The great thing about starting early is that you have time to save money, shop well and don't have to settle for the dollar store items that you'd find in most dorms. Knives and pots can be expensive, buying them a piece at a time means better quality and they don't have to match!

Here is a basic list that I'll be working on for AJ now, I'm sure it will grow and change as time goes on. You can also add items as interests develop, such as baking items, bbq tools, a chess set. Fancier gadgets can be added now or later. A rice cooker or garlic press aren't essential when starting out. This is just the basics, if I could think of something else that could be used I left it off the list for now (ie. a whisk, a fork will do just fine for now). Most are practical items, but be sure to include a few sentimental items as well, your boy may not appreciate it right away - but someday maybe his wife will!

1qt, 2qt, 4 qt saucepans with lids
4 qt dutch oven
6" and 12" skillet
Pizza pan/stone
Cookie sheet
Baking pan, 8x8 and 9x13
pie dish (can be used as a small shallow baking dish)
metal colander (also can be used as a steamer)
Knives - chef's, chopping, paring, serrated bread
2 cutting boards
can opener
pizza cutter
ice cream scoop
spatulas, scrappers
wooden spoons
flipper spatula
2 cup glass measuring cup
set of measuring cups
set of measuring spoons
coffee maker
toaster oven
hot pads/oven mitts
assorted dish cloths and kitchen towels
Utensils, bread knifes, teaspoons, tablespoons, forks, etc. at least 4 each
cups - 4
glasses - 4
bowls - 4
dinner plates and bread plates -4 each


Larger Items
trash can
dust buster
tool chest with basic tools (hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, wrench, assorted nails and screws, etc.)

Sentimental Items
Family Pictures
Family cookbook
Baby blanket
Family Bible/Genealogy
treasured Christmas ornaments

This list is in no way complete, but it's a good working basic list to start with. Add to it as needed and I'm sure by the time your young man is ready to move out into the world he'll be appreciative of the head start he's got!!

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