Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lego Head

Yesterday was AJ's 8th Birthday party. It was an extremely busy day as we had the last day of our Fine Arts Camp, the party and then the first performance of "Under God's Sea in 3D". AJ asked to do a lego party so two days ago I started looking for some ideas. There are a TON of great cake ideas out there that don't look too hard to pull off, but I wanted to do cupcakes. Square and rectangle cupcakes are not easy though, so I needed something that wasn't a Lego Brick.

I came across an image of these Lego heads that were soooo cute!! However, they were made with cake balls and I've done those before and they are a lot of work. So I started to look for another way to do these. I saw another site that said they could be done with marshmallows. YES!!! So that's how I ended up doing these little guys. I used them as cupcake toppers instead of just pops, they were a huge hit!!

These cute guys start with just a few supplies:
Large marshmallows, lollipop sticks, candy melts, black food coloring, a paintbrush, sharp knife, circle cutter and some cornstarch or powdered sugar.

First cut the marshmallow in thirds, using one half for the top of the head was just too tall.
Use the powdered sugar or cornstarch to help the sticky marshmallow not stick to the metal knife or circle cutter. I used the bottom of one of my decorating tips to cut out the center.
Do not plan on doing anything else like answering the phone or the door for awhile, this is a really sticky process!!
Use the sticky bottom of the cut marshmallow to attach it to a large marshmallow, center it as best you can.
Get your little army all lined up and ready to be impaled. This is great for taking out your frustration on all the little guys that have ended up under your feet for years! My son swears that he doesn't leave them for me to step on - so they must have their own vendetta against me!
Next you get to drown them! Place the candy melts into your microwave and follow the directions to get them  melted down and ready for dipping - be careful not to overdo it.

Now, drown your little heads making sure to give them a good coat and get rid of most of the excess so that they will be nice and smooth.
Set them up in a drying rack to dry thoroughly. A block of Styrofoam or floral foam would work great for this. I had to search to find something that would work since I hadn't thought that far ahead!
Next comes the fun part. Their faces! I had AJ go and collect up a bunch of his guys to give me a few examples to work with. I know they make markers that are for edibles that probably would have worked, I didn't find any though. So I bought a jar of black food coloring and a new micro-small paintbrush (wash before using!) These will go into my decorating box with my bags and tips.
Get creative, and have some fun!! I don't like raw marshmallows and these actually were really really good! I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cut the sticks in half before inserting them as toppers. I think that packaging them individually as lollipops would have been cute party favors!


  1. Great work! Your awesomeness blows my mind ;-)

  2. CLEVER as can be!!!

    Vicki aka Victoria Unsoma