Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Menu

Well, last weeks menu ended up all over the place! I did okay the first half of the week, but then we got to fish taco night (which I was really looking forward to!) and two things happened. The first was I didn't have any cabbage/cole slaw which is what I like on my fish tacos and I wasn't going shopping. Second, I got a surprise delivery to sample and evaluate a family style frozen meal. Yea, dinner! 

On Thursday I had to clean my fridge/freezer for my cleaning challenge. Wow. No, really - wow. The fridge was no big deal since I had tackled that beast before Brian came home from his deployment so I just needed to toss, organize and wipe out. The freezer I had passed over. Mistake, big mistake, HUGE. There were things at the bottom that I cannot claim were even once upon a time viable. I cleared out everything, threw away what I couldn't identify or justify, and went to town. Now, the cleaning challenge suggested using baking soda in water as a mixture for this task. I'm all for being green and natural and non-toxic, but there are times when that just isn't going to cut it. This needed heavy duty artillery in the form of good old PineSol. I got it cleaned, rinsed and everything put away without too much damage. I did find a few things that made me question my previous system (or lack thereof) for freezing and using frozen items. Although, I was quite pleased that the Pumpkin Bread from Xmas '09 thawed beautifully and was delicious.

We did end up at Arby's on Thursday night after going to the Planetarium. Due to what I found in the freezer Friday and Saturday night dinners were altered to use up some other finds that Indiana Jones would have not been surprised to find. Me, on the other hand.... yeah, I'll be developing a system for retrieving frozen items in a more timely manner.

So, it's a new week and I need to feed the family...

Italian filled shells - manicotti style

Fish Tacos (I'll be going shopping so should have everything this time!)

Carnita Enchiladas 

Grilled Pizza (gotta get this in there somewhere!)

A chicken dinner... fried? grilled? baked? Crock'd? I don't know this one yet, still looking for a new recipe to try out. Got a good one I can try???


  1. did i read that right brian willingly ate at arby's? LOL thanks for sharing your menu ideas I am wanting to menu plan but everytime i do we never eat what i plan LOL hopfully i can get back on task once i am feeling better.

  2. There are a lot of times we don't eat what I have planned, but I like knowing ahead of time what meals I have the ingredients for. So, even if we do only eat three of the meals on this and maybe even not on the right day, I can look at my list and see what I had planned and just carry it forward to next week. :0) Hope you are feeling better soon!!