Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April in review

It's May. I did stuff in April, I really did - it just didn't make it on here. I was a bad blogger, a very bad blogger. Oh well. Life goes on... did I mention I turned 40 yesterday? Yep, life goes on and it goes by FAST!!

So here are just some pictures of the stuff I did do in April. Jewelry and calligraphy mostly.

First I'll start with the jewelry. My mom wanted one of those long blingy necklaces and sent me a bunch of stuff she found so I could put one together. I bought a few additional things and made a set of earrings to go with it.

My mom also loves flashy earrings and I try to make a pair in every color to go with whatever she's wearing, here are a few I made this month:

I also joined a couple of calligraphy exchanges with an online group. Something fun to welcome spring. I'm not very good, but I love playing. I blocked out parts of the addresses for privacy. One of the exchanges was to do a zentangle envelope and exchange (black and white doodles).

zentangle card

front of zentangle envelope

back of zentangle envelope
And finally, just a few odds and ends. I made some funky cupcakes for a Mother and Son cupcake rodeo, some spring postcards and a couple of cards with gift certificates for teacher appreciation week. 

Outside of teacher's card
Inside of teacher's card

Hope you had fun glimpsing into my month of April!!


  1. wow! nickalli you never cease to amaze me! everything is beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks my friend!! I hope we have time this summer to get together and play again. I think you, me and Rylee need to get our clay on again soon! Neely can keep AJ distracted for us. :0)