Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chopped - Round 3 Results!

First, a recap of Round 3:

ROUND 3 - Desert course, A 3-D item or something altered.
Your mystery basket contains 5 ingredients for this round. All the ingredients must be included on your item in some way. Let's open your basket and see what you must use on your 3-D or altered item:

  • Button
  • Tape
  • Metal
  • bead
  • something hand drawn
All items must be represented, however the items can be in whatever form you chose. You can combine the metal and the bead or button, if you don't have a bead or button, you could make one out of tape!..... you get the idea. Now, go make something!!

And now the results:::

Rec'd from Jessica:

I made a 12 pocket tag calendar album (still working on the monthly tags though)
  • Button ---orange and red buttons
  • Tape ---black tape with white dots
  • Metal ---a silver metal brad
  • Bead ---I had no beads so I used a star shaped button
  • something hand drawn ---“2012” was handwritten/drawn (I have to be honest-I used repo tape so I could remove as I could not come up with anything
    hand drawn to fit the front—the book has monthly pockets with pull out tag inserts. The descriptions of photos/memories will all be handwritten and doodled on.)

Description: Description: Jessica Baldwin Independent Consultant 615-439-0745
Description: Description: http://www.myesig.com/esig/button-59411.png
Description: Description: http://www.myesig.com/esig/button-59412.png
Description: Description: http://www.myesig.com/esig/button-59413.png
Description: Description: http://www.myesig.com/esig/button-59414.png
Description: Description: http://www.myesig.com/esig/buttons/social/facebook.png

Rec'd from Christi -

So here is what I came up with.  An explosion box.
It is a 3D item.
Button --  I have four on the center around the flower
Tape --  There is alot of tape on this one.  I used tons on this project and even used some red sticky tape which I had not used before.
Metal  --  The center of the flower in the middle of the explosion box is a metal brad.
Bead  --  I added to blue "bling" beads to the flowers.
Something Drawn  --  I hand drew the dash lines on the first layer of the explosion box.  On all four of the first items. 
Christi Murray
Independent Close to My Heart Consultant
Cedar Park, TX

And here was mine:

My 3rd round is finally done! I chose to alter a metal tin. The top is covered in layers and layers of masking tape. I doodled the flower on top of that with sharpies  and then went over it all with distress ink to highlight the texture of the tape. It's finished off with a metal button and a string of beads on wire. I think I covered all the ingredients!!

Hope you all enjoyed playing along or watching us play anyway!! :0)

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