Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Color Class

May is so quickly coming to a close and so I thought I had better get in one last post to wrap up the month.

AJ was so excited to finish school - he met one of the major goals he set for himself and he got the teacher he was hoping to for 4th grade. We finalized his timesheet/chore chart for the summer and came to an agreement in the allowance negotiations. He has been going to the chart when he gets bored and is looking for something to do rather than hazarding whatever Mom might pick for him. Perfect!
Cookie waiting for her boy to come play with her.
We've been taking a ton of stuff to Bookman's and decided to do a family puzzle together on the dining room table. We didn't want AJ to get too discouraged so started with a 500 piece puzzle. We did come up with one piece missing - right in the middle of the puzzle!! Oh well. It was fun and we'll go back for another one (another one with a lot less green leaves!).

I am excited! I just got a big ole box from Dick Blick Arts with supplies to go along with an online class I will be beginning soon. I signed up to take "COLOR LOVE 101 - whimsical art journaling" by Joanne Sharpe. It is a 5 week class and will be exploring all kinds of art materials and lettering techniques. I CAN'T WAIT!!! The class starts on June 11th, so I have until then to clear me some space to work in the craft room.
Look at all the pretty new art supplies!!
Well, hopefully I'll have some fun stuff to show you soon and we can get June off to some creative fun around here!! See ya!


  1. hi Nic, i have just posted a photo on the facebook page of my new supplies, embarrassingly I already had lots of them, whoops, so excited this is my first online class. siobhan : )

    1. Awesome, this is my first online class as well! I had quite a few supplies as well, but some of the colors I have are more in the browns/greens (muted tones) and I wanted to play along with the more vibrant colors. That is what the class is all about - Color!! Look forward to getting to know you these next few weeks! :0)

  2. Great blog Nickalli! Looks like you are all set for our new adventure. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you stopped by! I am so happy I signed up for your class, I can't wait for the playtime with everyone! Thanks for all your hard work and prep you are having to do just to get us going!!