Friday, May 4, 2012

CHOPPED - crafter's style

Would you like to join me in a game of crafter's style CHOPPED? I am playing with a group of on-line friends and we are going to be sharing the pictures of each round we complete. Please play along!! No eliminations, just send me a picture and I'll share it here.

ROUND 1 - Appetizer course, A Book Marker or something of similar size.

Your mystery basket contains 5 ingredients for this round. All the ingredients must be included on your item in some way. Let's open your basket and see what you must use on your book marker (or similar sized item):

  • textured paper
  • a sticker
  • word/words
  • brad or eyelets
  • the color green
All items must be represented, however the items can be combined in any manner you like. For example your textured paper could be green, your brad or sticker could contain your word or words, your sticker could be textured and green.... you get the idea. Now, go make something and email me your completed project to then check back to see the completed projects for Round 1.

Round 2 - EntrĂ©e mystery basket posted tomorrow evening!

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