Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crafting ADD

I wish I was one of those talented people who did one thing and did it superbly. My mom is one of those people, she does woodworking - she had many other talents and can pretty much do anything well (crochet, knit, painting, gardening, designing) but where she excels is at woodworking. She creates her own patterns, uses every kind of saw imaginable and then sands, paints, etc. until she has a project of excellence. She enjoys doing it and so it isn't a chore, but a labor of love. If she could, she'd probably spend most days in her shop and covered in sawdust.

I inherited part of that, I am a jack-of-all-trades kinda gal. I can see something and usually figure out how to do it, not as good as the original - but close enough for me! Unfortunately, I have to try everything!! I see something and think,"hmmm - wonder how they did that, looks like fun". So I give it a shot. Not just a little shot though, nope, I go all-in.

I decided to try knitting and crocheting when I was younger, instead of getting one pattern and one set of needles and the yarn for the project. I got the sets. I have sets of knitting needles, a full set of crochet hooks - skeins and skeins of yarn, printed up oodles of patterns.... you get the idea. I then found I don't really have the attention span and attention to detail required.

I decided once to try cross-stitch. Did I get a pre-assembled kit? Nope. I got a kit, plus blank canvas and the books and sets of needles and 1 skein of every color of embroidery floss. Do I like cross-stitch? Not at all. I'm good at it, I just don't have patience for anything larger than the size of a 50 cent piece!

And on and on it goes. I've got the stuff for polymer clay, friendly plastic, quilting, sewing, silk ribbon embroidery, tole painting, jewelry making, general crafting, felt crafts, beaded ornaments, art journals, altered books, scrapbooking, card making, cake decorating, mosaics, stamp carving, rubber stamping, paper making, altered art, fabric painting, knitting, crocheting, and cross stitch. Yep, I have it all.

I've taught jewelry making, beading, card making/rubber stamping, art journaling, scrapbooking and silk ribbon embroidery. Those seems to be the things that I keep going back to over and over again - but for limited amounts of time before once again, I move on. I think it's having students who keep it fresh so I don't bore myself to death. Anyone want to learn silk ribbon embroidery?? I have all the stuff.....

I need a 12 step program!!

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