Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Menu

Happy Memorial Day! I am definitely grilling today. The pork chops I did last time turned out so good we are going for round two! Looks like most of this week's dinners will be done out on the grill except for our sammie night - that'll be done mostly in the crockpot.

Last night was leftover taco stuff - turned into tacos salads and of course banana splits for dessert (although a bit more reserved this time!)

Grilled chops, smashed potatoes and zucchini

Corned Beef Sammies with pasta salad

Fish Tacos

Thursday night out on the town - who knows?!

Quick stir fry (Yakisoba)

1 comment:

  1. The grilled chops and potatoes were yummy! I didn't realize I only had two small zucchini though - so I added red pepper, onion and mushrooms to the zucchini and we did kabobs. Found a couple of pears that I knew weren't going to eat themselves so did a skewer of them as well. AJ loved them!