Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friendship Bread

Okay - so one of my friends heard me speaking about Amish Friendship Bread (the zucchini of the bread world) and asked me about it. I promised her a bag of goo when I had it ready and then ended up explaining the stuff to someone else as well.

So, if you have never heard of the stuff here's the low down on how it works:

You get a bag of goo from a friend. Inside is a bread starter that needs to ferment for a few days. (basically sugar, yeast, milk, flour...) So your friend gives you the instructions that tells you what to do each day to the goo. Some days you just mush the bag, sometimes you add ingredients, and often you need to let the air/gas out of the bag. On the 10th day you add a bunch of stuff, make other goo bags to give away to more friends and then make a couple of loaves of bread from the goo you have left. Kids love the goo bag and we usually name each batch. Our last batch we named Herman.
"Hey AJ, today we gotta squish Herman."
"AJ, Today we get to feed Herman!"

The bread/cake is HIGHLY addictive and mucho delicioso, but if it's been around your circle of friends more than once - people will begin avoiding you and ignoring your phone calls.

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  1. Just received a bag yesterday and so it begins. LOL