Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Menu

Do you all do a weekly menu? I try, sometimes I succeed. Sometimes, my menu is a vague recollection of ingredients I think I remember seeing in the freezer/pantry. Thankfully, this was not one of those weeks. However - to see what we did this week - you might think I took that approach! There's no flow, no sense to it all - just random meals that I thought sounded good.

We started out the week with a very large batch of chicken salad that was due to the very yummy tray of croissants I bought at Costco. (How I manage to spend almost $300 at Costco and still need to go to the commissary the next day is an issue I'll deal with later!)

So, our first night we weren't very hungry since we had eaten out earlier and dinner was large chicken sandwiches and grapes. The next night I decide that we are having  croissant chicken sammies again, but wanted something to go with it. I had some grape tomatoes that needed to be dealt with and came up with a Greek rice salad.  I had also just gone to the commissary and AJ has been begging for sushi and so we brought some home.  That doesn't keep so it was added to the menu.....

Yep, you read that right. Chicken Croissants, Unagi Maki (eel sushi) and Greek rice salad. Mercy.

The next night was another one where no one was really very hungry so we had quesadillas, mangoes and strawberries.

Last night we had the rest of the Greek rice salad over a Romain lettuce and grilled pork chops. (Impressed my hubby with my mad grilling skills!)

Tonight is Ravioli's brought back from Little Italy in San Diego, CA along with Italian peppers and sausage.

Tomorrow is leftover Italian peppers and sausage heated up and served on hoagie buns with a ceasar salad.

Saturday is either going to be fish or Chinese depending on how my day goes. :0)

So, does your menu make a little more sense than mine does? I don't think I could pick a continent to stay with for a whole week, much less the same country! Maybe that will be my next challenge! :0)

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