Saturday, May 28, 2011


Okay, yeah, it's recycling... but fancy.

I've had this shelf thing for years.

It's dark wood and sectioned with a glass lid over the top. I think I got it at the Ikea in Iceland and had plans for it... Well, since I've moved it at least twice now I couldn't just ""get rid of it". I think it was in the kitchen section and was made to hold spices or something. Maybe in the office section.... who knows! Anyway, I had planned to hang it up to store my rubber stamps in - well anyone who knew about my rubber stamp collection would be on the floor rolling. I'd need about 100 of these. It has glass over the top with a hole to use to open it, but it sticks and doesn't slide smoothly (I'm pretty sure I bought it in the clearance room).

So I'm cleaning up my craft room and came across this gem. I'm looking around at everything trying to come up with some good reason why I need to keep this. Then it hits me!! It's not for me, I've been holding onto it for AJ. So I installed hangers on the back and removed the glass completely (I'm saving it to use for my cutting table). Sorry the picture is a bit blurry, AJ loves it and is excited to get everyone in there just right (this was a quick demo picture - not even half of his collection).

And I'm looking forward to not stepping on Lego heads! (See, Honey, I knew we were moving and storing this for a reason :0)

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  1. You clever woman--YOU ! How innovative!
    ( from Vicki S-)