Friday, May 20, 2011

Top 10 before Rapture ~

Okay, jumping on this and going to figure out my top 10 things to do before I'm raptured tomorrow. :0P Oh, yeah... first I'm cashing in all accounts so I have mega funds to work with.

1. Forget about closing our accounts - we've been good and mostly debt free - and since I don't need to worry about interest I'm going to wrack up an obscene amount of debt!!

2. Break into where ever they're holding the last Harry Potter movie and watch it with a big bucket of popcorn with hot tamales mixed in.

3. Obviously I can't read the entire Twilight Saga one more time, so I'll skim it quickly and touch on all my favorite parts. Ditto for all my other favorite books.

4. Order an outrageously expensive Alexandrite and white gold ring. Express shipping.

5. Make a double batch of brownies with dark chocolate chunks mixed in, frosted with chocolate ganache, and eat the entire thing with my favorite B&J ice cream and drinking an extra large yummy coffee.

6. Use up all the art supplies I've been hording because I didn't want to waste them on something that wasn't "perfect".

7. Call everyone I know and see how they're spending their last day!

8. Swim naked in the ocean, giving the sharks one last chance at me.

9. Go shopping and hit all the stores that I find to ridiculously expensive to even enter on a normal day. Hit the salon/spa and get every treatment offered.

10. Spend time playing with my Hubby and son and just chillin'. That sounds like heaven to me.


  1. Decided to go to the new PIRATE- J. DEPP movie- first show today at 9 AM-- before this RAPTURE might occur....vampire mermaids and all~~~ one thing I would like to do again, is swim with some dolphin....know SeaWorld offers that for $ one cousin and I once jumped off a dock on Pine Island, Fla in 1964 and got up close to two dolphin....what a thrill...hope to READ you tomorrow....( I think there will be natural disasters a-plenty....but I hope we are all still here with the good Lord looking over us...) Vicki aka VIctoria Unsoma

  2. I can totally agree with 4,5,relate to 6 isn't it funny when you get the supplies the ideas are awesome can totally picture it in your head and the fear of inperfection keeps it sitting around for I won't say how many years?,8 thanks for the giggle I needed it,never swam in ocean amusing idea and 9 definately need some alone girl time,hours of it!!!

  3. Girl, you made me laugh! I'll check back in perdiodically to see what other little goofiness you've posted! Miss you! :-)