Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it....

No, not more talk about the rapture. I referring to the fact that SCHOOL'S OUT for summer, school's out forever... okay, not forever - but the song just had to be sung.

Summer starts. I'm looking forward to the relaxed schedule, well - a little more relaxed. My kid's calendar is already full! Between camping trips, summer science program, fine arts program, a week with Grandma, a trip to CA, the cub scout's summer program..... well, we'll try and schedule some down time in there somewhere.

Our summer's definitely require a schedule. It seems like it would be better without one, not having anything planned, but we miss too much if we do that. I don't like sleeping in during the summer, that's the only part of the day when it isn't incredibly hot outside (or in my craft room). So I'll continue to get up at my normal time. I also need to be better about my menu plan. I have to know in the morning what's for dinner that night - as I hate grilling frozen food. My BBQ is in for a workout for sure!!

On thing we will be working on this summer is our writing. Both of us. AJ's penmanship leaves quite a lot to be desired. He can do a great job if he slows down and takes his time, but if he wants to get something done quickly he reverts back to old bad habits and it's just a big ol' mess. For myself, I was writing out something the other day and realized that I have really not been keeping up with my calligraphy. I found my supplies while cleaning up the craft room and sat down to look at some old attempts I had made. I really need to practice more. So we'll be working together!

I'm hoping somewhere in our "lazy summer days" we'll find time for the pool, play dates with friends, trips to the movie theater, library and bowling alley. How's your schedule looking? Ya wanna come over and play??

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  1. WE hope to see YOU this Summer-- perhaps go to Case Park-- or to the movies-- or come over and swim...want to get Krista and Emmie together with some kids...... maybe all plan to meet with others EARLY some AM at the DESERT MUSEUM or something....

    Vicki alpha GRAMMY