Sunday, May 22, 2011

Contain it!

I'm cleaning out my craft room - yea, horrors!! Actually, the job is going much better than I thought for one simple reason ... I love containers!!

I have found the about half of the containers I've opened to clean out are empty or - contain more containers!! I found a cardboard box, filled with smaller cardboard boxes - I have entire plastic bins filled with tins of all shapes and sizes, but with nothing in them. (Tell me someone who can throw out one of those cute altoid tins and I'll show you a person with limited vision and imagination.) They are an organizer's gold mine!!

But then there are my not-so-cute containers... I mean really who needs 30 empty VHS cases?? I had a plan, they were going to be used to hold something and be all neatly labeled on a shelf..... just don't remember what that something was now. I have clear clam shell cases taking up huge plastic bins that I've been storing for years! I have no idea what to use them for.... but aren't they too good to throw out? What if I think of the perfect thing to put in them, but they're gone?!? Yes, I have nightmares about such things.

I am trying to be ruthless. I am moving all empty containers out into the AZ room while I organize my craft room. If I find a need for containing something, I go and pick out the perfect one from my own private stash. When I'm done - whatever is leftover will be recycled. Promise. (except for those cute little altoid tins, get real people!!)

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