Thursday, May 26, 2011

Recycle Me!!

In cleaning out my craft room lately I've come to the realization that I am a natural recycler. My husband would say that I just can't throw anything away - but that seems a bit harsh. I just see the potential in everything!!

I posted earlier about my container addiction, and this seems to just be a continuation of that theme on a broader scale. I keep cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, tea boxes - anything with good sturdy cardboard that can be reused. Metal of any kind also finds its way into my stash, plastic cups that can be used for sorting things or to hold water for painting, I've NEVER thrown out a button knowingly. You get the idea - in all things I can see a potential for something else - now, if only I had the time and will to make it from potential into practical.

My friend Cathy posted a challenge on a yahoo group to make a tag using mainly recycled items. Yea!! A chance to dig into my stash!! She is holding a contest and will be putting the projects up on her blog soon. I'll be sure and post the link once she does. I found an old keychain that I had laying around and a juice can lid and decided to go from there. Here is a picture of the items I started with:
 a sale paper, a triscuit box, a sheet of use coarse sandpaper, a large paint chip, a green card from a florist, a funky metal button, a juice can lid, and a key chain from an Indian school in Montana. I ended up not using the green florist card and here is the tag I ended up with:

I love it when I can actually turn trash into treasure! Thanks for the challenge, Cathy, and keeping me on my toes!! Now I need to go tackle a project I've been meaning to get done for AJ's room, more to come on that one!

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