Friday, May 20, 2011

Hate is such a strong word!

Do you have something in your house that you love - but no one else gets it? I have an "ugly pot collection" which my family loathes. Bringing my husband's attention to the collection can make him visibly shudder in repulsion. I don't get it, but I love using it against him. So, of course, my collection is prominently displayed in my kitchen.
 and this is the one that started it all, it's still my favorite -
This little guy represents my childhood. I am a 70's kid and these are the colors of my youth! The yellow is the color of the house I lived in, I believe you would call it mustard - I called it something much much worse. The avocado green appliances that dominated our small galley kitchen. The burnt orange color that my mother loved and made it's appearance in fabrics, carpeting and those awful large floral wallpaper prints! Back then I longed for neon colors, purples and pinks and detested these colors. Now, I seek them out in dishes, pictures and yes.... even fabric. What color represents your youth?

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  1. I saw this picture on your FB and was wondering...what the heck?!? But in al honesty...I love this pot!