Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly menu

Okay, this is another one of those weird weeks. AJ wanted cupcakes to take for the last week of school (he has a summer birthday so we try to do something fun before school is out). I got online and was looking at all kinds of cool designs for these cupcakes. I showed him a couple and asked what he wanted. He wanted chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Really?? Oh well, I guess easy is good sometimes.

I did forget how good homemade chocolate cake and real chocolate frosting was though - heaven!! It's a good thing all but two ended up going to school.

Dinners this week:

Grilled tilapia, shrimp skewers, veggie kabobs (yellow peppers, zucchini, onion, mushrooms) and jasmine rice.

Chicken strips, garlic smashed potatoes (brown rice for AJ) gravy, corn and apricot halves

Shrimp and crab ravioli, garlic bread, romaine salad with strawberries

Pork spareribs, green beans, mushrooms, (potatoes?)

Taco night with friends, banana splits for dessert to celebrate the start of summer!!

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